Welcoming ourselves into our bodies

What’s your relationship to your body? Some find that question very puzzling. The interesting charge with posing that idea is that thinking is not sufficient in answering. We must enter inwards and familiarise ourselves with that which is often removed from our awareness. This is quite a challenge.

It is a sad reality of our lives, that our bodies only really come to the fore for us is when is it hurt. When we are in pain or injured the body can overshadow every other experience we are having. Once recovered, it often pales into the ether with the belief that the mind is supreme and often the motivation for any type of bodily movement can be led by thought, not by hearing what the body needs.

Our bodies form the boundaries where we meet one another, but how do we realise that? Our identity is so tied up in who we think we are and how we feel about experiences that we often neglect the very fact of the material and matter of our physical aspect. We can often ignore what is going on underneath the exterior and we therefore can sometimes consider ourselves out of touch with our bodies or that our bodies are out of control.

How do we experience our bodies?
Do we love our bodies, feel at home in them?
Can you say that you are comfortable and aware of the nuances and sensations that are going on inside?
When I am feeling certain emotions can I locate them in my body? There are many variations of this. The heart can quicken when we are nervous or we can feel butterflies in our tummies, we can feel stress and strain in our shoulders or neck. Take a moment to consider what might be your physical reaction when there are emotions felt?
How do I experience my body when it’s in pain, when I am physically intimate with someone, when I exercise, when I’m dancing?
Are we self conscious about our body, feel that there is something wrong with it.?
How do I feel at rest, am I able to let all the parts of the body relax and heal when they need to?
Do I ignore pain? Do I pay it attention? Am I able to soothe it? Do I leave it until it gets really uncomfortable before I do anything about it?
These are important questions, that begin to let us explore what may be going on beneath the surface.

How everything is connected
There is an essential circle between thought, feelings and the body. Becoming familiar with the movement, the interdependence can let you know more about how you are in certain situations.

The connection between those three is a wonderful indicator of how we truly are in any given situation. Learning how we are in each of these three spheres and then understanding how they all connect can be empowering.

Body changing all the time
With each breath our body alters, our bodies can breathe on their own, we don’t need to tell it to do so.
Every time we breathe in, it initiates a process that culminates in an exchange in each of our cells. This then continues outside our bodies as we are connected with all plant life through our breathing in and breathing out.

I find it fascinating that in every moment we are renewed and revitalised…and yet it is rare that we ever think of it. How can we bring this wonderful gift more into our day to day existence. Just by being aware of it. The realisation that we are breathing and changing continually can have a profound effect on our day to day lives. The challenge it to engage with the simplicity of it as a it is happening now and now and now….

Next post will consider how we can befriend our bodies more.

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