The creativity inherent in hearing our voice

As I alluded to in my last blog, if we listen to ourselves we may begin to discern greater about what we need. As I also mentioned there may be many voices that we hear; how do we know which ones work in our favour? This may not always be clear and this is what I will write about today. How can we live with ambivalence? The enriching quality of life is it’s mix. Can we trust that what will emerge will be best for us if we give it the time and spend some of that time in the ‘in between’ space of being confused?

The outer public world seems to operate in certainties, the need at least to be see that we know is valued very highly. There seems to be little room for doubt when the need to know is so great. This places a lot of pressure on us who live in this world, as ‘not knowing’ is almost as crucial as ’knowing’. This is certainly challenging and may seem contradictory but it is also very real.

How can we allow ambivalence into our lives. How can we welcome not being certain? Is there always an advantage to knowing immediately. What does certainty allow? It may appear to ensure security. If we look at it objectively, sometimes we do not know, we do not know where we are going but a way always appears.

Creativity in all it’s realms defines through it’s process this accommodation of allowing a lack of certainty. There is a journey to the realisation of any creativity. The meaning is about truth, which isn’t always about certainty and it is informed by many aspects of ourselves-our cognition, our emotion, our physicality our spiritual life. Our real and full selves are ever changing and mutable and accommodate opposites.

….Let everything into you: Beauty & Terror.
Don’t lose touch with me
Keep going: no feeling lasts forever
Nearby is the land
They call Life
You will recognise it by it’s intensity

Give me your hand.

Rilke, Before the Beginning.

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