Spring and light

When we consider spring what ideas come to mind? It’s a beautiful season, one of energy, renewal, growth and emergence. How can we absorb the symbolism of spring into our lives? How does it enter the space of psychotherapy?

Reflect a moment on the passing of time. There has been a season of darkness and slumber. All elements of nature, including ourselves, are impacted by the lessened light, by the colder conditions. We are invited to adapt to the environment. How does this impact us? How does it change once light expands it’s presence each day. How do we notice the passing of time?

How do we let light in?
‘Ring the bells that can still ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That is how the light get in’
Leonard Cohen

We are all carrying experiences in life that have shaped us, positively and negatively. Being able to see that through the experiences and our responses to them we mould our lives. I meet many people in my practice and accompany them as they move through the discoveries they make. We come with our chinks and psychotherapy can help us let the light in, as sometimes we are blind to the fact that there is any light at all.

Being present to the changes and continual changes that go on within and around us can be a challenge. Nature and seasons offer us the canvas upon which we can map our own lives. It can outwardly and beautifully represent to us externally that which is going on all the time internally. What a gift to have our lives displayed thus.

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