Our mirror in nature

The last post considered the world around us and it’s capacity to reflect back to us who we are. This post will investigate this idea further and will try to ponder on what the essence of that is and how it can act as a support to us.

Consider the diversity that nature has to offer. Beauty, change, devastation, wonder, mystery, provision, savagery, tranquillity, awe. It can only remind me of the template of ourselves. By contemplating that which is around us, we have a mirror to ourselves, an opportunity to open ourselves out to the breadth of experience that exists and is the definition of what it is to live.

Our senses meet all around us continually, they allow us to engage with the environment. In any given situation, can we stop and take a breath-noticing all that’s around us, the smells, the colours, the air on our skin. If we do allow ourselves to do this, what can it offer us? An anchor in the ever moving progress we are all plugged into on one level or another. It offers us a ballast in that movement, space to invite perspective, a recognition of things as they are and brings us to the here and now of our lives, which can elucidate what really matters in any given moment. This is one of the ways the natural world can act as a very accessible and definite resource.

I am often struck by the availability of nature’s strength and perseverance around us. I often envision Ben Bulben sitting there is in his glorious beauty in Co. Sligo, balmed by the sun, battered by the wind and yet withstands. It’s majesty is it’s endurance, it’s inherent ability to sustain itself no matter what it meets or what visits itself upon it.

Is it possible to bring this image or another image from nature within ourselves and embrace it’s core truth? I believe so; for me, knowing that there exists something mighty or tiny that faces the same joys, challenges and change as I do, is very settling somehow. The simplicity, yet simultaneous complexity, of acceptance of change is what makes us who we are and what nature is. Our resilience is astounding.

Again nature is reverberating with the image of ourselves. It’s patterns resonate with our inner worlds and how we are at once together and separate from the cycle of life around us. I am reminded then of the relationships we have with those we are closest to, which are fundamental to our existence, as equally as is our relationship with the world around us. It moves beyond just a matter of sustainability very rapidly for me, into something deeper and more fulfilling if we allow it, and how they need to be tended to and invested in, if reciprocity is to be nurtured.

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