Over the summer I contemplated how there is such a range and depth to emotions that language cannot reach. I also began to understand how important it was that we try to capture that which we can, as it allows us to reach each other as fellow human beings. It is through words we understand and connect, how we can hope to find meaning.

Love it seems to me is the most fundamental and enduring emotion that we all need, search for and desire. As we are all born into relationship, it is through another that we experience love. This lasts with us throughout our lives. I am going to concentrate on the mystery of love throughout the next few posts.

As with all emotions there is a very significant visceral aspect to love, it permeates throughout the body as if a warm glow is generated deep inside of us. And of course it is through sexual love that a physical expression of love can be experienced, which is beyond words.

How does one describe love? How often do we attempt to capture the feeling? Poets, musicians, artists pitch as a lofty and magical realm where all is safe and we are protected from the buffetings of life. The shadow of love is also mused upon to great effect, as the loss of love can very much feel like we are catapulted very far away from any connection or recognition. In so many ways these fit. They are also insufficient, as they do not capture the ’whole’, the in-between, that which is fluid and mobile and yet grounded at the same time.

I am aware how contradictory this may seem. How can it be both? For me it comes to this point-can I feel anchored enough in love, so I can take a risk? This leads me to the place of self love; it is often misconstrued as narcissism or arrogance. Loving ourselves in our beauty and our flaws is a journey for many of us. A journey worth taking.

If we love ourselves truly, we are more available to love in another, we have more space within us to make that deep connection. How does one live that love? By allowing ourselves to experience and without judgement, open ourselves out to that experience, holding it lightly so we are not entangled in other’s motivations, opinions. It is a task in knowing that, with compassion, we will make mistakes, that we are flawed and simultaneously perfect in our imperfection.

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