The creativity inherent in hearing our voice

As I alluded to in my last blog, if we listen to ourselves we may begin to discern greater about what we need. As I also mentioned there may be many voices that we hear; how do we know which ones work in our favour? This may not always be clear and this is what […]

Allowing our different voices to be heard

The last post concerned the consideration of having different and nuanced inner and outer voices. This post will develop this by investigating what their purpose might be-are there more than two disparate voices within us? Following this post, I will look at how they working together-in harmony or are they having heated discussions, with one […]

Knowing our own voice

I am going to spend the next number of blogs considering the our inner and outer worlds and the varying aspects associated. How do we know our authentic voice? The one that feels like it slots into us with ease and that may be the same or different to what we present to the world? […]

Fear of facing our inner experiences

This post will examine the challenges faced by many of us regarding what might happen if we journey inwards. From my experience in life and as a psychotherapist, the need to look inwards is often what brings us to therapy but can also be the greatest block or hindrance once we arrive. When we arrive […]

Welcoming ourselves into our bodies

What’s your relationship to your body? Some find that question very puzzling. The interesting charge with posing that idea is that thinking is not sufficient in answering. We must enter inwards and familiarise ourselves with that which is often removed from our awareness. This is quite a challenge. It is a sad reality of our […]

Connections & disconnections

My last piece was about making connections, to ourselves and to one another. As I pondered on writing this week I considered the opposite of connection, disconnection and it’s effect. There is a lot spoken and written about disconnection in modern times, when we are materially and technologically more connected than ever. I find it […]


This blog post will look at connections-internal and external connections-how we relate to ourselves and how we are in the world, the relationships we have and the way we share experiences. There are many definitions and associations to the word connection and they merit spending some time considering- links and belonging, then there is the […]


Identity is something that we all know about. If asked; how would you describe yourself? Is your description related to other people, your family; is it related to the work you do? Is it related to the things you am interested in, your passions and hobbies? Do you countenance the fact that you were one […]

Self awareness

In the last post, I asked the following questions: Do I believe I matter enough to take care of myself? Do I ever take time, to spend time with my thoughts, my feelings, sensations in my body? Do I treat myself with kindness and compassion? Can I soothe myself when I am upset, do I […]