Our convergent and divergent life

I am continually astounded in life, as well as in my practice (which of course is a reflection of life), by the rich diversity and simultaneous commonality shared by all of us. It has led me to think again about the unique voices that are integral to our identity and how these in themselves are […]

Taking a break…

I have been considering how important it is to take a rest in light of the holiday period approaching and my own holidays coming up. There is much commentary about how the modern world is go go go and how much is expected of people in the busyness. How there is a pressure to produce […]

Patience and change

There is an art to waiting. It is an exercise in itself and one that is not often merited or considered important any longer in life’s business. It also features greatly within supporting our mental health. There is a relationship between work and patience, it is a fine balance. As with the harvest, the knowledge […]

Advantages in getting to know our inner world

The last post addressed some of the fears we might face when considering looking into our experiences and how they might affect us. This post will consider the advantages to inner reflection and how it can have a positive and long lasting impact on our lives. Capturing our reactions to everyday events is as important […]

Spring and light

When we consider spring what ideas come to mind? It’s a beautiful season, one of energy, renewal, growth and emergence. How can we absorb the symbolism of spring into our lives? How does it enter the space of psychotherapy? Reflect a moment on the passing of time. There has been a season of darkness and […]

Connections & disconnections

My last piece was about making connections, to ourselves and to one another. As I pondered on writing this week I considered the opposite of connection, disconnection and it’s effect. There is a lot spoken and written about disconnection in modern times, when we are materially and technologically more connected than ever. I find it […]


This blog post will look at connections-internal and external connections-how we relate to ourselves and how we are in the world, the relationships we have and the way we share experiences. There are many definitions and associations to the word connection and they merit spending some time considering- links and belonging, then there is the […]

Changing seasons, time to breathe.

I’ve chosen to discuss time and winter today and map them as metaphors; as reflections in our lives. The following are questions I pose to myself, that may relate to this time of year. We get another hour this week, time will be different for the next few months. There is a shift in the […]