How do we learn to manage our anxiety

The last number of blogs have concerned anxiety, how it manifests and some of it’s effects on us. This blog will look at ways we learn to manage our anxiety. Self awareness As I have alluded to in blogs before, getting to learn our patterns, seeing what our triggers are is the first step towards […]

Anxiety & underlying causes

Anxiety has many reasons for appearing and once people start considering how they are thinking, feeling and behaving, they can usually identify where the anxiety started to emerge In order to manage the consequences of anxiety (the behaviours, feelings and thoughts), we must address them explicitly and then, in order to sustain our ability to […]

Anxiety’s cycle

Some anxieties are very distressing and they can take on affects that severely hamper our participating in life. The person experiencing the anxiety can feel like they have no control over how they are feeling or behaving. This blog piece will further develop the component elements of anxiety, how they impact each other and how […]

Listening to our anxiety

I will spend the next couple of blogs considering anxiety and how we can learn how to meet it, understand it and live well with it. Anxiety is known to all of us. It can have a positive impact, ‘healthy anxiety’, in that it acts as a drive or a motivation to do something and […]