Meeting our emotions as they come

I’ve written before about emotions and the role they play in our lives. For many the prospect of meeting our emotions as they are can be a real challenge. Emotions are not linear or clear cut. They can appear seemingly without warning and can also hearken back to other periods in our lives. Their form […]

Our mirror in nature

The last post considered the world around us and it’s capacity to reflect back to us who we are. This post will investigate this idea further and will try to ponder on what the essence of that is and how it can act as a support to us. Consider the diversity that nature has to […]

Our place in the world

This piece will investigate how we are immersed in the environment around us and that the interdependence between ourselves and the world, nature particularly, can greatly nourish. Becoming aware of the living world around us invites us to becomes aware of the mutuality of existence and how we are all made of the same material, […]

Our convergent and divergent life

I am continually astounded in life, as well as in my practice (which of course is a reflection of life), by the rich diversity and simultaneous commonality shared by all of us. It has led me to think again about the unique voices that are integral to our identity and how these in themselves are […]

The creativity inherent in hearing our voice

As I alluded to in my last blog, if we listen to ourselves we may begin to discern greater about what we need. As I also mentioned there may be many voices that we hear; how do we know which ones work in our favour? This may not always be clear and this is what […]

Allowing our different voices to be heard

The last post concerned the consideration of having different and nuanced inner and outer voices. This post will develop this by investigating what their purpose might be-are there more than two disparate voices within us? Following this post, I will look at how they working together-in harmony or are they having heated discussions, with one […]

Knowing our own voice

I am going to spend the next number of blogs considering the our inner and outer worlds and the varying aspects associated. How do we know our authentic voice? The one that feels like it slots into us with ease and that may be the same or different to what we present to the world? […]

Taking a break…

I have been considering how important it is to take a rest in light of the holiday period approaching and my own holidays coming up. There is much commentary about how the modern world is go go go and how much is expected of people in the busyness. How there is a pressure to produce […]