Allowing our different voices to be heard

The last post concerned the consideration of having different and nuanced inner and outer voices. This post will develop this by investigating what their purpose might be-are there more than two disparate voices within us? Following this post, I will look at how they working together-in harmony or are they having heated discussions, with one overall leader at the helm?

We are an amalgam of our genetics and our nurture. Our different and what may seem at times, conflicting parts are what makes the journey of life so varied and rich. Understanding that each voice is there for a reason and can be self supporting is a liberating and empowering experience, as it means we do not have to feel we are ruled outside of ourselves or from one particularly dominant vein. We can make choices. Each voice has a goal and the key is to listen to what they need and decide if their drive is what serves us best.

The first thing to allow is that it’s okay to have a host of voices inside, in fact it is to be welcomed. If there is a goal in our development, it’s about allowing the differences to be heard to be understood and incorporated into a wholeness that is working more together than separately and against each other. The variety allows us to switch into different gears when necessary and required and once they are within our awareness rather that outside of our awareness then we are more fully in life.

If this prospect evokes some anxiety that is quite natural and know that it is about a journey of self understanding, if there is a sense that a change is needed in some of the voices perhaps the way to approach it, is to hear what the part you wish changed needs and then the urgency and necessity may alter. Realising what it actually needs can change our relationship with it entirely.

If we take time to consider all of the different ways we might be in different situations, we begin to hear some of those voices. How we communicate and feel when we are on our own (ie how we might speak to ourselves), with those of us closest to us, with our work colleagues, with the strangers we encounter in our day, all the nuances and variables within those scenarios. It’s about being gently and patiently curious. Do you speak kindly or harshly to yourself when you make a mistake, when you are about to do into an important meeting, how do you feel when you are going to meet certain people? Do you feel like you are inhabiting your adult self, or do you feel young and childlike when meeting authoritative figures?

Our complexities are what make us so adaptable and evolving- all of which contributes to the variety of life. This range of polarities incorporates both great challenges and wondrous opportunities. Once we start to know our inner complexities we begin to have the capacity of discernment. Getting to know the different parts of ourselves with compassion and tenderness is the gateway towards knowing what we need.

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