Advantages in getting to know our inner world

The last post addressed some of the fears we might face when considering looking into our experiences and how they might affect us. This post will consider the advantages to inner reflection and how it can have a positive and long lasting impact on our lives.

Capturing our reactions to everyday events is as important as understanding our responses when big events arrive in our lives. We can learn as much about ourselves when we consider how we are when someone does not respond to a text for example, or when we break a cup, as to how we react if we lose our jobs or a loved one becomes ill. Big and small events are linked as our reactions to them are processes that go on inside of us. The everyday things that happen to us are often overlooked by us; they seem insignificant and we give scant time to them, Pause a moment and reflect on the little things that have happened to day/this week. How do you see how you were? Did you learn anything about your interaction with other people?

Once we begin reflecting, the following are some of what may be introduced into our lives:

  • We are not operating outside of our awareness, repeating patterns and doing the same things over and over again.
  • A greater sense of freedom arrives. We are in touch with our autonomy and the choices that we have in that autonomy.
  • We are made up of many different and on occasion conflicting parts and we find a way to accommodate diversity within ourselves which in turn increases out tolerance towards those around us.
  • Putting pieces of the jigsaw together is an exploration of ourselves, it can be met with curiosity and enquiry. We live with ourselves for all our lives so how important it is that we should get to know each ourselves and how we are in the world.
  • The understanding that we are a composite of many things and that one way is not the only way for us to be . We don’t have to be pigeon holed into one way or the other. We don’t have to say ‘oh that’s the way I am’, or ‘this always happens to me’. Our future is not necessarily mapped out for us, that we have choices.
  • We have broader views of ourselves, which helps us understand the breadth of humanity that is around us. Our sensitivity and empathy expands.
  • We can embrace greater aspects of our experiences, thoughts, feelings and behaviours are see with greater clarity.
  • Our relationships may deepen as we are open to sharing more of ourselves with others around us.
  • It gives us a chance to live a life that’s more authentic to our own needs and allows us to assert those needs.
  • Having more compassion for ourselves is a gift not only to ourselves but to those around us and to our environment.
  • There can be an unfolding of the richness of life’s tapestry and how we are part of it in all it’s wonder.

The above does not necessitate that emergent self awareness is an easy journey or that difficulties will never be encountered. It does mean that we may feel more resourced when we meet challenges in our lives and more equipped to face them, by understanding our feelings, thoughts and behaviours as we are.

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